B2B Marketing automation also came on the front foot with the increased automated marketing strategies. Online shopping is now part of every buddy’s lifestyle. This all happened with the increased marketing, but perfect marketing needs perfect marketing tool and this purpose is satisfactorily fulfilled by marketing automation. Marketing Automation is impelling its way into more and more B2B businesses. Marketing automation can remodel the approach of getting customers, the way you close deals, and even it can transform the way you control your customers after the deal has been closed. marketing automation has the power to turn a company into a product selling machine.

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

According to research, on average 50% of companies are already using marketing automation, with over half of B2B marketing companies approx. 55% are adopting automation technology. Coming to marketing automation as its name suggests, marketing automation offers answers to automate the indispensable task so it can happen automatically on multiple channels at the same time. Marketing automation, in short, is a tool that businesses use to automate their task to increase leads. One of the most common uses of automation, particularly for B2B marketing companies, is contacting leads.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Increased Leads Generation.

When it comes to successful marketing, Lead generation holds an exceptional place. As everyone knows conversion rates never be 100%, but on the other hand if you have a well-planned foolproof marketing strategy and targeted interest your conversion rate is likely to be more. At a former time, B2B marketing professionals used to use conventional lead generation strategies to secure high leads volume, but even high-priced leads weren’t sufficient to close sales. To figure out leads manually and maintain records is often hectic and time-consuming, automation made it simple one can schedule email delivery, text messages, and social media messages. Marketing automation also made it possible to automate sales operations, like regular campaigns, and lead generation processes. By using historic data one can set campaigns accordingly which results in an increased success rate. By automating certain task help in qualified lead generation.

More precision

In the past, the sales team used to monitor every single lead whether it is cold or hot. Most of the time has been wasted on this categorizing, but thanks to automation in very little time automated software categorized leads based on the interest shown by them in the company’s product or services. This software is designed in a way that they can automatically take the next step indicated in the sales funnel. The automated technology is responsible for tracking the leads, collecting data, categorizing that data which results in authentic leads and a better conversion rate with fewer chances of campaign failures. If anyone shows an interest in particular products or services, by visiting the company website or by reading blogs, articles, then the marketing automation tools can ensure email campaigns or cold calling or text messages to be done.

More work in less time

We often heard Time is Money, and when it comes to B2B marketing this phrase means it. Time is one of the pivotal assets in B2B marketing. Preferences changes with the change in the lead. The same strategy same script never works for all the leads, we need to prioritize content, strategy, and offerings for respective leads which usually takes a lot of time, and to appoint a team to handle all this costs money. Ultimately incorporating automation in the leads generation process both the tasks done on fingertips with more precision. In addition to this if we mechanize certain day-to-day tasks team will focus more on some big pictures. We have only mentioned the top benefits of B2B marketing Automation, it has several benefits along, by incorporating them into your sales process you can accomplish great results and increased rate of qualified leads.