Beyond GA: Consolidating Your Data Stack for Optimal Customer Journeys

In light of the sunsetting of Google Analytics Universal, organizations have an opportunity to evaluate their analytics solutions and consider consolidating their data stack into a single platform that provides a full view of the customer journey. This can be achieved through collaboration between marketing and product teams, as a shared analytics platform can help them understand the entire journey and optimize for the right KPIs.

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  • The Great Digital Reimplementation: Explained

  • 1. The digital analytics landscape is undergoing a significant reimplementation, with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics transitioning to an event-based model.

  • 2. Organizations currently using Google Analytics will have to migrate to GA4, which is not a trivial exercise and requires changes to tagging, data layers, and reporting.

  • 3. Companies should take this opportunity to reevaluate their analytics solutions and consider if their current product is the right fit for the next decade.