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Why is Employee Engagement Necessary?

In today’s cutthroat corporate climate, employee engagement has emerged as a critical success component. High levels of engagement promote employee loyalty, encourage customer fidelity, enhance
organizational effectiveness, and increase stakeholder value.

Increasing employee engagement is one of the world’s top five business strategies, according to executives around the world. Engagement is a key component of customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and shareholder value, and can have a significant impact on employee retention, productivity, and loyalty. HR is becoming an increasingly important resource for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage through employee engagement. 

Major Factors Which Affect Employee Happiness : 

1. There is no feedback or appreciation for an employees:- every employee is always curious about the growth and learning they receive, but they are hindered if they don’t receive any feedback. When employees do not feel appreciated for their efforts, their morale suffers, which lowers their satisfaction with their work.

2. The results of employee appraisals and promotions have a negative impact on an employee’s happiness if they don’t receive what they expected.

3. It is well known that work pressure and stress have a negative impact on employee creativity and well-being, and it plays a vital role in keeping employees motivated.

4. Providing upskilling and regular training to employees has a significant impact on their happiness and commitment to the company’s vision.

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