Computer Aided Facilities Management - CAFM


1. Improvement in Marketing Pipeline.
2.Creation for better Sales Pipeline.
3.Creating Market Visibility for better Inward Sales.
4.Targetting Relevant Decision Makers.


Real Estate CAFM(Facility Management Software)

CAFM System will accurately capture, monitor and
report on your assets and services, improving
communication performance and costs.
It is used for planning regular maintenance to
extend asset life, monitor performance against
SLA’s(Service Level Agreement).
Ensuring that deadlines are met and penalties for
non performance are avoided.

1 %
Sales Conversion (Incremental)
1 %
More visibility on social media platforms
Contacts Reached
Appointments Generated
Newsletter Subscriptions


The client wanted appointments with service providers and real estate owners but there was not enough traction since the approach was not providing sufficient sales leads even after wide reach out and significant discounting since the reach was not streamlined.


The Challenge

The Real Estate industry is having a lot of options wherein they already have the software’s working for facilities management so it was very difficult to penetrate through the market without proper communication towards the same product. Our biggest challenge was to close the appointments and provide enough knowledge about the product in the relevant industry also since it is so competitive the sales conversion was a very big factor in determining the success of the project.

The Approach

We identified the most relevant contacts through various social media channels and
created a set of custom campaigns which were according to our best market
penetration strategy, we started reaching out to the contacts so that we can spread
the highest knowledge available regarding the products and eventually moved
towards appointment generation.

The Solution

When the problems were identified we created a series of campaigns which we
started step by step:-
1. Contact Discovery: The first thing we did before reaching out was to identify
decision makers and created a database of 5000 right party contacts.
2.Email Marketing: We created specific 7 email template formats to create brand
awareness in market and industry.
3.One to One Email marketing: We created 4 custom templates to the most relevant
1000 contacts and reached out directly to give them a better solution in facilities
3.Newsletter Subscriptions: We started reaching out to contacts and ask them to
subscribe so that new products and services can be directly be broadcasted to
relevant decision makers.
5.SQL(Sales Qualified Leads): Once the name of product reached the potential
buyers we started calling to get an idea of their requirements and whether they are
willing to change their current Facilities Management system and when are they
expecting for this change.
4.BANT(Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline):We started calling the relevant
connections after SQL to get even more understanding on their Budget, Authority,
Needs and Timeline.
5.Appointment Generation: In the final stage once we got the idea on all relevant
details we started generating the appointments on behalf of client and sharing the
calendar invites while making sure by follow-ups that the prospect attend the call
and demo.

The Results

The Results after the completion of project were surprising for client as this amount of conversions were not expected and hence we superseded their expectations:

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