Case Study: HRMS Software, ERP and CRM


1. Improvement in sales and marketing pipeline.
2.Creating Visibility to get inward sales leads.
3.Unable to connect with relevant decision makers.


HRMS Software, ERP and CRM

HRMS software helps in improving employee productivity and employee engagement through their various modules. In addition to this, the software also works towards keeping your employee data is safe and always available. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations.
CRM system essentially provides a central place where
businesses can store customer and prospect data, track
customer interactions, and share this information with
colleagues. It allows businesses manage relationships with
customers, helping the business to grow.

1 %
Sales Conversion (Incremental)
1 %
More visibility on social media platforms
Contacts Reached
Appointments Generated
Newsletter Subscriptions


The client was more focused on end sales but after thorough research, we identified that there is a significant gap in social media presence when compared with competitors because of which the appointments are not getting closed even after very significant discounts and offers.


The Challenge

The Software industry is having a very cut-throat market as there are very big players providing the best features and competitive pricing. The client was facing a lot of issues while closing the sales as the social media presence was not sufficient to provide that trust to end buyers. Our biggest challenge was to improve the sales conversion along with generating more demand for products and generating awareness in the market regarding the product.

The Approach

While many companies simply provide the generic solutions we at 8 Miles Solution
went one step ahead and firstly identified the problems ourselves and started
looking for best solutions. We realized that client requirement is not just focused on
improving the sales pipeline but it is more focused on increasing the conversion
ratio of sales leads, Once the problems were identified we started custom designing
multiple campaigns along with the significance they provided.

The Solution

When the problems were identified we created a series of campaigns which we started step by step:-
1. Contact Discovery: The first thing we did before reaching out was to identify decision makers and created a database of 10000 right party contacts .
2.Email Marketing: We created specific 7 Template email formats to create brand
awareness in market and industry.
3.Newsletter Subscriptions: We started reaching out to contacts and ask them to subscribe so that new products and services can be directly be broadcasted to
relevant decision makers.
5.SQL(Sales Qualified Leads): Once the name of product reached the potential buyers we started calling to get an idea of their requirements and whether they are willing to change their current software systems and when are they expecting for
this change.
4.BANT(Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline):We started calling the relevant connections after SQL to get even more understanding on their Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline.
5.Appointment Generation: In the final stage once we got the idea on all relevant details we started generating the appointments on behalf of client and sharing the calendar invites while making sure by follow-ups that the prospect attend the call
and demo.

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