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Our Cost Per Mailer (CPM) model means you pay a fixed amount for a guaranteed send volume over a set time period via our publisher network.

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Boost your website Traffic Right Now with Email Marketing

One of the few straightforward methods for increasing website traffic is email marketing, which over 60% of marketer’s claim has the best ROI. It's a strategy for internet marketing that involves sending personalized emails to a section or group of subscribers. You may either develop a relationship with them to catch their interest or you might inform them of new products or services that they can test out or buy.

Why Choose Us:

We’re Experienced

You can gain from our decades of combined expertise working with a variety of enterprises, both large and small.

We Listen

In order to decide on the best course of action, we want to thoroughly get to know our clients and their businesses.

We’re Results Driven

We are firm believers in taking action and bringing about the change that will improve your company's operations.

We’re Selective

We only agree when we believe it will offer genuine value and significantly improve the situation.

How CPM will help you:

You can choose to reach clients using email rather than postal mail to save some money. Your costs may be low if you do this yourself, collecting consumer names and sending out regular email blasts. To reach as many people as possible, though, you might need to spend money on an email marketing solution that will enable you to connect with clients and track email open rates.

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