If an XYZ company makes an XYZ product but no one knows about it, then will that product make desired sales? Hard to figure outright. Introducing a product to the market is just as important as producing it. Increased marketing needs demand new marketing methods wherein digital marketing holds exceptional stance, it has changed the way businesses used to do marketing. Digital marketing replacing traditional marketing practices. Why digital marketing and lead generation are so significant that their incorporation in the sales process has become almost mandatory today? Why marketing is essential and how it affects lead generation? what are the strategies to strengthen it? Answers to all such questions you will find in this blog.

What is digital marketing?

As its name suggests, marketing uses digital channels to promote any product or service. The digital channels could be anything such as search engines, websites, social media platforms, mobile, even emails. By using these channels businesses promote sales, goods, and services. But this is not easy as it sounds. To run a successful marketing campaign there is a lot to behind, you need a perfect strategy, target audience, type of content, you need to target platforms, and a lot more. Even doing so there is no guarantee of 100 percent conversion, though with well-planned strategies and layout a good conversion rate can be achieved.

What is lead generation?

Let’s see what exactly lead generation is, basically this is a process of finding potentials or creating interest among those potentials to buy your products or services to increase sales ratio and gain profit. As we concluded Leads = Business = growth = profit, but this is not as easy as its sounds. Lead conversion rate never be 100% there is no guarantee of 100 people visiting the website will surely buy, some of them may buy your product some may wish-listed some may just be seen. The real struggle starts here, lead generation is all about the convincing potential to accelerate sales.

Lead generation in digital marketing

As we discussed lead generation is referred to creating interest in certain products or services among potentials to convert them into sales. In this process digital marketing plays a vital role, digital marketing identifies, attracts, and tries to convert users into potentials.

The foremost target of lead generation is to attract potentials by offering them services and products, digital marketing helps to build a platform to showcase these offerings. This can be done by settling social media campaigns, paid advertisements, providing content on landing pages, publishing blogs and articles, sending cold emails, etc. While drafting marketing strategies always keep your eye on the right content, content is the one that attracts and reaches out to your ideal customer. If you want your ideal potential to pay distinctive attention to your content when they come across it on any marketing profile, here are the digital marketing strategies and that will help you to achieve desired business results.

Webpage Optimization

digital marketing

First thing first, the website is the foremost source of any business as it acts as n platform to display products or services and a way to communicate with users, so the website has to be up to the mark. One should check if the website is properly working or not, errors in landing pages, loading time, etc. The website should be SEO friendly with proper use of keywords and meta titles and descriptions. Routine check-ups of the website have to be there to secure smooth running conditions and updated content.

Personalized Content


I always say content is the king! If you have well-planned content to present you’re halfway done. Along with the systematic and targeted content you have to prioritize and personalize it as per different individual needs. The same content will not work for every single user. You’re supposed to identify individuals’ needs and serve content accordingly, this will surely increase leads.

Effective use of social media

social media
social media

Approx. 56% of the worlds’ population is using social media. You can guess the scope of social media marketing by looking at this figure. Social media is extensively fruitful when it comes to lead generation. Almost every type of audience you can target here.

Focus on Video content

video content
video content

Video content always drags more attention than written content, the era we are living in everyone wants fast-forward process, users want short-spanned content that can easily be seen and scrolled down. With the increased popularity of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Instagram Reels humans have become usual to such type of content. This doesn’t mean that you should only focus on video content and dropout writing, but you can incorporate video content in addition to written content for more audience engagement.