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Company Overview

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an innovative multinational organization specializing in edge-to-cloud solutions, dedicated to driving business transformation. Hewlett provides an extensive range of data storage, virtualization, cloud computing, and analytics solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in the B2B sector. It assists enterprises in seamlessly establishing connections, fortifying security measures, conducting comprehensive data analysis, and promptly executing actions pertaining to their valuable data and applications. HPE’s comprehensive suite of solutions is strategically designed to effectively translate valuable insights into tangible outcomes, thereby empowering businesses across various scales to flourish amidst the intricacies of the contemporary landscape.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) endeavored to expand its marketing endeavors and augment product visibility on a worldwide level. The primary obstacle resided in the acquisition of qualified leads, coupled with the imperative task of raising awareness among potential customers regarding the extensive range of offerings provided by HPE. In order to overcome these challenges, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) made the strategic decision to leverage the marketing services provided by 8 Miles Solution.


In order to effectively fulfil their marketing objectives, HPE enlisted the services of 8 Miles Solution to execute three distinct and impactful campaigns: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Whitepaper, and Email Marketing campaigns. The aforementioned campaigns were
strategically implemented within the pivotal markets of North America.


MQL Campaign:
The MQL campaign was strategically designed to optimize lead generation using the Multitouch approach. We proceeded to actively engage with these leads, effectively imparting knowledge and information regarding the comprehensive range of products and services offered by HPE through comprehensive communication over calls and emails. Prospective clients were effectively assessed and categorized based on their purchasing
timeline and budget. This meticulous qualification process ensured that only leads with genuine relevance were pursued, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing potential conversions.

Content Syndication:
The content syndication process began with email marketing to share landing pages, aiming to gather insights from prospects about their challenges and used marketing tools. We used a strategic email campaign to promote HPE’s product range, captivating leads and boosting product visibility. The campaign targeted Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with 100-1000 employees. Our strategy successfully grabbed the attention of IT managers in SMEs, nurturing relationships and guiding them towards purchase decisions with Account-Based Marketing


Implementation of Marketing Initiatives

The marketing initiatives were skillfully executed, yielding excellent results. We provided a new list of relevant accounts that resulted from 20,000 to 200,000 connections alongside optimizing the existing account list

Implementation of Strategic Lead Generation

The implementation of a strategic lead generation and nurturing methodology resulted in significant positive outcomes for HPE’s marketing endeavours, achieving an impressive conversion rate of 40% and ensuring prompt delivery within a mere 30-day timeframe.


The synergistic partnership between Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and us yielded a triumphant metamorphosis in the realm of marketing. In addition to the allotted quantity of 4,000 leads, we successfully delivered exceptional outcomes that met their specific criteria within a 30-day timeframe. The MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) campaign demonstrated exceptional efficacy in generating a substantial number of qualified leads, thereby facilitating optimal resource allocation towards the most promising prospects. The implementation of MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and Content Syndication campaigns has resulted in a notable increase in product awareness, effectively generating a considerable level of interest and engagement within the targeted market segment. 


Through the strategic implementation of our cutting-edge marketing services, HPE was able to achieve a significant paradigm shift in its marketing approach, effectively surmounting obstacles related to lead generation and product awareness. The proficient implementation of MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), and Content Syndication campaign initiatives, in conjunction with customized Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics, serves as a corporations such as HPE is the prime illustration of the efficacy of precise and captivating marketing strategies within the B2B sector.
The presented case study highlights the paramountimportance of efficient collaboration and tailored outreach strategies in propelling triumphant marketing initiatives for esteemed multinational corporations such as HPE.

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