How is Amplitude different from Google Analytics? A side by side comparison

Webinar Speaker

Adam Greco

Product Evangelist,

Without question, Google Analytics is the most used marketing analytics product in the world. In recent years Google Analytics has come under fire by regulators, especially in the European Union, while trying to enforce GDPR. Some European countries have even deemed Google Analytics illegal and have therefore forced the removal of it from websites.

Another issue affecting Google Analytics customers has been Google’s decision to sunset Universal Analytics with a forced migration to GA4 by summer 2023. Unfortunately, moving from Universal to GA4 requires a full reimplementation. Furthermore, customers have discovered that GA4 is missing some key features. In short, migrating to GA4 feels overwhelming, and it still doesn’t offer all the insights needed to make smart product decisions. The result is that many GA customers are reviewing their stack and are looking to Amplitude as a possible replacement for GA.

In this webinar, we go over the main feature differences between Amplitude and GA4, based on questions from customers. These include:

• Reporting Interface

• Acquisition Channels & Multi-Touch Attribution

• Customer Retention

• Conversion Funnels

• 3rd Party Integrations

• Data Governance

• And more

Join us and learn the key differences between Google Analytics and Amplitude. You will walk away with a better understanding of Amplitude’s capabilities and how you can migrate from GA to Amplitude with ease. Then, you can get to the important stuff: acting on analysis and turning insights into action to deliver better business outcomes.

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