Gen Z is the most difficult generation to exist on this earth. For marketers, they are a mystery. You would think since gen Z is so tech-savvy and addicted to all things digital, they would be an easy nut to crack. Just target them on social media. Wrong!

People don’t like being type cast and the same goes for Gen-Z. So what marketing approach might work for one might not work for another. Gen Z actually likes to be different and stand out from the crowd more so than any other generation before them. Here are some guidelines that will help you to tap into gen Z consumers.

Understand Who Gen Z is- It might sound simple but in relationship terms It’s complicated. Gen Z is very different from the previous generations, as a marketer you need to understand how they work. According to research they are less focused than their predecessors but are loyal to brands. Loyalty matters. Though do remember that they are much more environmentally conscious and care about the planet, so if your brand voice and image don’t match their views they are quick to change alliance.

Leverage their love for influencers- While gen Z is aware that influencers have most probably been paid for the brands they are endorsing, they like the honesty with which they do it. While direct advertisement convinces them to buy a product, influencer marketing allows them to make up their mind while pointing out both pros and cons of a product. Depending upon your need and budget there are different types of influencers you can enlist to engage Gen Z.

Don’t make your content too wordy- They don’t like to spend hours reading something, so get to the point fast. Keep it short, simple, and sweet. Use videos, graphics, data, or images to make it more interesting but make it succinct. Be clear in what you want to communicate from the start. Gen Z doesn’t want to waste time so don’t go for too much fluff.

Be Inclusive- Gen Z hates any kind of biases. So while designing your campaigns make sure that you don’t discriminate. Expand whom you include in your campaign, like Dove when they involved simple women from every walk of life in their campaign instead of celebrities. Forget about color, race, gender, and age. Support inclusivity.

Shift to videos- Stats show that Gen Z on average watches 68 videos a day. So that’s your cue to increase your video content. Reach out to gen z through a medium they enjoy and you will get their attention. Snappy videos that give them all the information they need in some seconds work best.

Get Creative- Innovation sells. If you try to be a little different Gen Z gets attracted to you faster. Burger Kings; sacrifice a Whopper campaign is one such example. It intrigued the audience, you didn’t have to sacrifice a whopper! But you had to remove 10 friends from your Facebook list to get a free whopper. Color outside the lines. Gen Z will appreciate it.

And lastly be everywhere, Instagram, YouTube, television, TikTok, etc. The more social you are, the higher possibility it is that you’ll engage Gen Z.