Email marketing campaigns are very effective in increasing the sales of your business. It is a long-term plan to generate more leads, acquire more customers and increase the sales of your business.

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails that are sent to a particular set of audiences for a specific purpose. An effective email marketing campaign should be able to achieve the objective for which it was created. So, if you want to draft an email marketing campaign for your business, you need to follow a few steps:

1. Decide your target audience

First of all, you need to decide who will be the recipient of your email marketing campaign. It’s not just about the number of people but also about selecting the right people for your business. Find out who would be interested in buying your products and then target them through emails.

2. Decide your goals

You need to go into each campaign with proper goals in mind. Decide what you want to achieve with this email marketing campaign. You need to decide on the ideal result for an email campaign. This will help you measure the success of the campaign in the end.

Before drafting an email, you need to have a clear idea of your objectives and goals. What exactly do you want to achieve? For example: Do you want to grow your subscribers’ list? Increase the traffic on your website? Promote a product or service?

3. Segregate types of emails

If you are drafting an email marketing campaign, it is important that you know what type of emails you want to send. For example, would you like to send a newsletter or just an offer update?

4. Categorize email list

Do not send out emails on a mass scale. Categorize your subscriber list and segment them based on their traits and behaviors. For example, if someone has purchased a product before, they can be categorized as users who have made purchases in the past and can be sent offers related to products similar to what they have purchased before. 

5. Strategize a plan

Before you send out an email campaign, you need to develop a strategy for what you want to include in the email and what you want the recipient to do after reading it (e.g. visit your website, purchase a product). This will then form the basis of your email design and content.

6. Craft catchy subject lines

The subject lines should be catchy enough so that it attracts customers’ attention and they open up the mail to read it further. There is no point in sending attractive emails if no one opens them or if they don’t find the subject line interesting enough to tempt them further.

7. Keep the email short and sweet

Nobody has time to read long marketing emails that take ages to get to the point. Keep it short, keep it simple. Most people will probably just skim through your email, so make sure that all the most important information is at the beginning of the message for them to see straight away.

8. Craft the design carefully

It’s important that your emails look as good as they read. To do this, you’ll want to put some thought into the design of your email. Think outside the box and consider how you can stand out from other emails in people’s inboxes. This might be through color, graphics, or structure.

9. Put eye-catching CTAs

Depending on your goal, you will probably want readers to take action when they receive your email. To make this happen, you’ll need to add one or more calls-to-action (CTAs) in your email. This can be anything from asking them to visit a page on your website or purchase a product. You could even ask them to share the content via social media which will broaden its reach even further. You’ll get better results if you keep CTAs short, snappy, and easy to understand – think ‘Book now’, ‘Sign-up’, or ‘Check out our range’.

10. Analyze and improve

Email marketing is all about continuous improvement and optimization. Once you have sent out some emails, check their performance and analyze whether your campaign was successful or not? Optimize your email marketing strategy by taking into account important metrics like click-through rate, open rate, conversion rate, etc.

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