High-end technology such as Human Augmentation is supposed to fade lines between humans and their progress in technology. In the upcoming years, technology will take over the structure with computational agility and smart backing being usual, with the enhanced use of augmented and virtual reality, where human augmentation, is the foremost rising integral, technology will set new heights. often, I have seen, human augmentation is shaded as, it is very arduous, resentful, and absolute technology but, actually there are copious types of human augmentation that are roaming around, and especially this technology is a part of our life. If one can endorse it accurately it can magnify productivity, and make human life advance.

What is Human Augmentation?

Human augmentation may also be labeled as human 2.0. Human augmentation is a technology meant to enhance human capability, productivity, and potency or add more to human life. Modernized growth in wide areas of IT sectors has driven a greater array of implants and other technologies that could be named human augmentation. We can summarize human augmentation as “reshaping what we were born with”

Types of Human Augmentation.


The human augmentation technology that retains or replicates routine human actions drop-down under the replication type. For example, finger prosthetic or prosthetic limbs for the ones who are disabled.


The human augmentation technology that magnifies someone’s ability to perform tasks or do things falls under this type. For example, it can be a device that intensifies strengths, improve someone’s sight, and make them condescending to the normal heights or amplifies someone’s intelligence. Such human augmentation which empowers physical or intellectual limitations can recast culture as well as support one’s prospects.


Human augmentation technology allows us to carry out any circumstances that we are physically challenged to perform on our own drops under this type. For instance, the ability to be able to fly, the capability to breathe underwater for a long time, detection of chemicals and through smell, and many more.

Applications of Human Argumentation


Bioprinting is doubtlessly one of the foremost attention-seeker ones. Bioprinting is the process of creating organic tissues. Even though this technology is still in its initial stage but it has a lot of potentials.

Ageing Tech

Freakishly challenging and exhilarating one at the same time. There are wide entry patterns. and growth options for an individual in aging tech.


We already have an idea about Prosthetics and what they can do, Prosthetics evolve and engineered sturdy and customized prosthetic devices, especially for finger loss. The utmost aim is to strengthen people who have suffered from cut-off by enriching them with prosthetic fingers.

Smart Glasses

Truly, a smart glove is the closest way to take a look at the digital world. The devices like smart glasses have truly taken the technology to the next level. This technology is gathering many resources so we can cruise regardless through the web.


Solaar is basically a company that manufactures low-cost, environment-friendly solar-rechargeable hearing aids. This will be a great alternative to the conventional hearings.