We’ve all encountered it: a block that seems to drain your wonderful creative marketing energy. You suddenly have a Peter Pan-like feeling sans the pixie dust.

What’s this? To help you break through that brick wall, produce more leads, and boost your online sales, we’re dishing out innovative marketing and advertising ideas and motivational advice. Let’s begin with…

Monitor competitors on social media:

You can follow other accounts on LinkedIn using the Pages to Watch function on company pages. See what your rivals post and which of them get the most shares and likes by following them. Examine what works and adapt their strategies.                       

Write to your viewers:

Content that is targeted at your primary viewers is at its finest. Know your customer’s pain spots, what motivates them, and what keeps them up at night to better understand them. Killer content responds to the demands and issues of your audience!

Every single one of your content articles should have a visual element:

Text becomes old extremely quickly for people! Images are necessary to break up your text paragraphs and keep readers interested. Don’t undervalue the importance of a visual element, even in blog articles when the text content is predominantly text-based.


Infographics are a great example of loved, linkable visual assets, and we all know that readers adore visual material. Although making a top-notch infographic may seem difficult, it isn’t necessary. To attract readers to your infographics, include this:

  1. Charts and Graphs
  2. Videos
  3. Statistics
  4. Future Predictions

The greatest content must still be promoted:

Don’t just publish your content and hope that it will gain attention on its own; instead, market it by sending out an email or by posting it on your social media pages.

Post current events in your industry:

What’s the craze in your industry? Join the activity, demonstrate your expertise, and post about current events and hot subjects in your field.

Segment the content:

Don’t overdo the content or you’ll overwhelm users. In today’s cutthroat attention economy, even if everything you publish is fantastic, people may become weary of you if you consistently produce fresh content. Kids, those are the breaks. Determine the appropriate pace for your audience.

Perform a content audit:

Is the stuff you currently have up to par? What fuels conversions? What is lacking, and why? You might feel uncomfortable asking these questions, but the truth will serve your interests better. Your marketing plan will advance to the proper path if you can get the answers to these questions. Find out here how to conduct a content audit.

Be patient when choosing titles:      

While we’re at it, Upworthy is renowned for its attention-grabbing headlines. Without a catchy title, not even the best blog post will receive the attention it merits. Must it be witty? Eye-catching? SEO-friendly? Consider what will interest your audience. You should come up with as many as 5–10 titles for each article before selecting the ideal one.

What is your top unique marketing plan?

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