When one talks about investment what comes to your mind? Let me guess, it’s buying a house or investing in stocks, mutual funds, or the most trending one Bitcoin, or SIP’s right. Undoubtedly, these investments are crucial for the betterment of yourself and your loved ones, but there is also another investment option that can give you higher returns what’s that – will see this article. Investment is not only about buying assets and money all the time. Investments aren’t only belonging to money or things, rather it’s a term you can couple with anything like investment in health, good habits, knowledge, books at whatnot. The way you take conscious decisions about your wealth, likewise, you have to take for yourself. The one wrong decision can cost you huge losses, similarly wrong habits, or we can say investments can cost your life. More simply, we can say that one investment in yourself can make your life or can break your life. Investment in yourself can give you an improved and better version of yourself, it is good for your career perspective as well, it can open doors for new opportunities. Let see what are areas you can invest in.

Invest in health


The foremost concern today’s generation is facing is health issues, several health-related problems are there, some of them we can’t even be heard before, what do you think, what is the reason for this? Changed Lifestyles and changing food habits are the ones who are responsible for this. Today we want to do and gain everything faster, and hence we have replaced traditional food with fast food, healthy life to an unhealthy one. It is never late to start well, you can still shift your unhealthy Life into a healthy one. You can set exercise goals, practice yogas. Can avoid unhealthy and contaminated food items, drink enough water. By incorporating and investing in small things you can get higher healthy and balanced results.

Invest in career


Needless to talk about the competition employees and students face while choosing a career or upgrading it. A right Career is as crucial as finding a way in the dark. It has the power to make life and even it can ruin your life as well. You need to make conscious decisions while selecting a career. You can set a path that can guide you to achieve your goals. Find out your interest and act accordingly, you have to be sensible enough to mark differences between preferences and hobbies. If you are dedicated enough to your hobby you can choose that as a career, if not then hunt for the interests and expertise and move ahead with those.

Invest in skills


Every single day new technologies and trends is been induced in the market and these are not only limited to any certain sector almost all the sectors are experiencing this change. Being a player on this ground you need to be upgraded enough to withstand the race. With increasing trends, there is an increasing competition also, so to sustain in the marketplace you have to be upgraded. Also if you are a student investment in skills is good as far as career opportunities are concerned. You can learn job-oriented skills like if you want to enter in IT sector then you can learn languages, build coding base likewise for other domains.

Invest in good habits


Habits are the ones that represent your personality and show who you are. Habits have the power to rule your life, if they are good then without concern they make your life picture perfect but if they are poor then I don’t think I need to tell you the consequences. You can build habits like, early wake-up, exercising regularly, eating only hygiene and healthy food, and so on these habits can make you a healthy individual but also habits like skills up-gradation, regular studying, and practicing skills can make you a future-ready.

Invest in books


No one can be your best friend like a book. Not only fictional or storybooks, but the library is also far beyond. Several books and categories are there we can’t even count. Books have something for everyone. Biopics are there to motivate you in life if you feel drowned. Fiction, mystery, suspense, thriller, and whatnot. Not only these but there is also a wide variety of literature, reference books, real-time experiences you can take into count to increase the vocabulary and, knowledge.