The Business Value of AIOps-Driven Network Management



The vast majority of network managers who have experience
with AIOps solutions believe this emerging technology can improve network operations. They also believe that applying AIOps to network management will lead to better overall business outcomes for their companies. This white paper, based on new research by Enterprise Management Associates, reveals how AIOps can improve network management. More importantly, it offers proven advice on how to evaluate this technology and how you can build trust in the technology within your networking team.

1. Only 36% are fully confident in their ability to evaluate the
AIOps technology.

2. “Everyone is talking about it, but no one really knows what it does. Show me how your solution works.”

3. 70% of IT organizations trust AIOps to automatically remediate security issues, service problems, and capacity issues.

4. Ninety percent of IT professionals believe that using AIOps for network management can lead to better business outcomes.

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