Manage your leads with 8 Miles Solution

8 Miles Solution tailor its strategies according to you and your goals. We make sure that you get qualified and nurtured leads that are ready to be your customers.

Lead Generation

Better Marketing Better Results!

These days, it’s not enough to have a great product or service – you need an unstoppable sales team to convince your customers to buy! And while it might sound like the best way to get more leads is through aggressive cold calling and running expensive advertising campaigns, the truth is that there are actually much better ways to generate leads than these outdated methods.

How to get Qualified leads?


An MQL is a lead that is more likely to convert into a paying customer than other leads. Therefore, you can achieve your revenue goals by nurturing qualified leads generated through MQL campaigns. 

8 Miles Solution can provide the qualified leads in big chunks of volume so you can increase your conversion rate and improve your sales funnel

Marketing Qualified Leads


BANT campaigns are specifically designed to generate qualified leads. These leads are generated keeping in mind that the budget, authority, need and timeline of the prospect matches your requirements. This way you don’t have to waste time on leads that are not going to convert.

8 Miles Solution has excellent professionals that are trained and experienced BANT Lead generation specialists.


The best lead a salesperson may receive is a sales-qualified lead (SQL). An SQL has demonstrated buying intent and fulfilled specific criteria making them suitable for your products or services.

SQL campaigns with 8 Miles Solution will save your time and money with a guaranteed high ROI.