We understand how critical is your sales funnel is to you, we work 2 times harder, so that you’ve good number of quality leads in your sales pipeline to start your engagements. 8 Miles Solution is the perfect place you were looking for to sales accelerate your sales. Let us handle your lead requirements and we will help you reach where you have planned

Our Lead Management Services

Account Based marketing

A broad marketing approach may make sense at first in the B2B space, but it can drastically reduce your ROI compared to a targeted approach. A successful ABM initiative can boost revenue, optimize your efforts, and provide in-depth metrics that would be otherwise inaccessible. One of the main goals of account-based marketing is to prioritize ROI, resulting in clear business results.

In fact, compared to other marketing initiative. If your sales and marketing teams aren’t syncing up, ABM is one of the most efficient ways to get them on the same page. Account-based marketing runs similarly to sales, putting marketing and sales teams in the same mindset so they are thinking both in terms of accounts and how to target them, bring them to the table, and close the deal.



Ascendable Demand Generation Campaigns To Achieve Your Next Business Milestone.

We are an extended arm to your marketing team that combines the right elements to help you engage opportunities, create value, and achieve your goals. We keep pace with the changing needs of your business and continuously adapt strategies and tactics to help you stay on top of your Milestones. Why to manage multiple vendors when you  get them to play nicely, or figure out who to turn to when you have a question or need advice.

The most trsuted tech marketplace

  • Boost brand recognition and awareness with our range of display solutions across our network.
  • Targeted Run-of-Site: Standard inventory options that you can use to build awareness about your brand and products.
  • Premium Targeted Run-of-Site: Premium inventory options that offer 87%+ viewability and can be targeted by geography, industry, company size, and intent.
  • Native Advertising: Seamlessly integrates advertiser content with the 8 Miles Solution publishing network.
  • Site Takeover: A high brand impact tactic that gives a single advertiser 100% share of voice.

We understand that the cost per lead is higher in cold calling compared to other sources like Emailing, Marketing or LinkedIn. We can help you in accelerating discovery of you right buyer or the (VITO – Very Important Top Officers) through our cold calling campaigns and the best part is we educate them on your product & services, so that when you talk to them they already know about you.

Data solution

We help our B2B clients best in market marketing services. We take your most attractive newsletters and whitepapers and deliver it directly to an engaged audience actively looking for information on your solutions. We also help you keep up consistently with demands of creating relevant, insightful, useful content, enabling you to measure every click and conversion, ensuring that your efforts deliver the right results.

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