Marketing Services

8 Miles solution is a marketing and Advertising company that provides B2B Lead generation, Demand generation Services, We helps our clients to build pipeline and accelerate revenue by identifying, profiling, nurturing and connecting with the right decision makers within their targeted customer and prospect accounts.

Leverage our complete suite of marketing services to run comprehensive marketing campaigns that drive awareness, engagement, and a strong sales pipeline for your brand.

A company started in 1987 which has 160 employees and a business worth $100 Million Dollars, would you call it a great company or a successful company if your answer is Yes then we can’t help you however if you see there is a problem why in 34 Years they only grew to 160 employees? Why a company like Amazon which started in 1994 is a trillion dollar company?

Our Value Proposition


Resolving issues before the customer feels the pain


Understanding and delivering on customer needs


Timely response, delivery and resolution.


Continually seeking to improve the b2b customer experience.


Being enthusiastic about satisfying customers and making them feel valued

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