When one talks about misconceptions or myths, what do you think, what’s the origin of these misconceptions? This might be because of a lack of knowledge about something or because of misinterpretation of a certain phenomenon, isn’t it? Misconceptions can be associated with any field or sector let’s talk about the IT industry, needles to talk about technology’s impact on everyone’s lives and the rising plot of IT. Employment in the IT and computer field has increased enormously in recent years. Millions of employees have been hired in IT sectors and are expected to grow multitudinously over upcoming years. IT sector has several corners, it not just limited to a certain technology or language or database or any system, but somewhere many misconceptions about IT sectors is been seen among peoples about this tech field. It’s time to spot some misconceptions that are effortlessly overlooked.

Myth 1 You are unidentified while using incognito mode.

For the past few decades, users have been very clear, distinct, and aware of data use and personal history. People are finding more secure and safe ways to browse and surf over the internet; new web features have also been added to make additional browsing securities like Private or incognito mode. The foremost advantage of incognito mode is, it won’t allow you to log in automatically to any site which can protect you from getting targeted and unwanted ads. It also keeps your search history untraceable. Though it has many advantages this doesn’t mean you’re completely unidentified, the server or the service provider can still track and record your information.


Myth 2 IT professionals have the superpower to boost and speed up any system.

This is one of the most clichéd myths of all the time, right? Many of you have also heard or might even experience this myth. When someone belongs to IT people used to assume that they have this supernatural power to make computers faster. Even if the IT professionals do have tricks or we say they know some techniques which can help to solve some common system queries that can make your system a bit faster. But that doesn’t mean you can expect more.

Myth 3 If the website shows a locked seal means it is safe to browse.

I have been hearing this myth for decades that, if a webpage shows padlock, then it is safe and secure to browse, have you heard this as well? But the fact is it won’t. The lock is meant to provide a secure connection between your system and the website. Secured data encryption is done on both sides but this doesn’t mean it’s an emblem of a secure website.

Myth 4 Technology isn’t for the media industry.

If I say today’s world is tech-driven then it won’t be an exaggeration. Complex mass media has been replaced by tech systems. To bring innovation to media platforms technology contributes wholeheartedly. Upgraded streaming platforms and enhanced user experiences show the skilled and high-valued contribution of tech in the media industry. Technology in media is not just limited to web designing or development but there are also other aspects of tech hits like Cybersecurity, data management, streaming experiences, etc. Tech serves a systematic process right from creation to promotion to analyze user needs and requirements.

Myth 5 IT only belongs to Coders.

There was a time when not IT people used to think that, being in IT means you have to have Coding knowledge, though now people are getting into it and realizing IT is not just about coding and coders there is a lot more to experiment with. Being in the tech or we can say IT field you can spend your whole day designing web-page, creating content, or managing and analyzing data, creating strategies, or even solving technology queries.