How important leads are to any business? A business holder or company could better answer this and how difficult to drive these leads as well. Lead generation is not only about getting more numbers of visitors to a company profile or a greater number of likes and comments on a company product, it is also about gathering information about those leads so one can use it to drive communication and formulate traffic into potential. Constructing a foreseeable lead generation strategy is exigent but once you crack the code you are unstoppable. It offers faster and more reliable data operation with superlative control of actions and outcomes. To help you out in the process of scalable and quality lead generation to strengthen and grow your business there are several tools encircled in the market, but is always difficult to choose from when you are surrounded by several options, right. You don’t have to worry at all we have figured it out for you and brought you the best and must-have lead generation tools, that will help you to accelerate your business and sales. 

Lead Generation Tools

1. HubSpot


HubSpot is probably the first name that comes into every marker’s mind when one talks about lead generation tools. This application is like a perfect recipe that has an excellent blend of sales, marketing, and CRM which is Customer Relationship Management. You can these three corners on a single platform. It comes with many features like automated workflow, and customized email campaigns, also one can manage social media accounts along with bearing lead generation activities. It is ideal for small and medium enterprises, that don’t want to dig their feet into Customer Relationship management software.

2. Intercom


This is one of the first programs that aid businesses hasten their growth. Intercom has well-disciplined methods which help in constructing an action of messaging products for online businesses to fasten the growth of customers’ lifecycle, from accession to engagement and support. It applies unique and new ways to engage, retain and approach customers. Intercom is a supreme solution for sales, to engage and communicate with customers.

3. Albacross


On average 98% of visitors are ruptured by websites, needless to tell you how hard and expensive it is to attract leads, and letting them go is a massive waste, isn’t it?. This is the time when you need Albacross the most. Albacross allows you to figure out and identify the visitors who visited your website, it also suggests various ways to reach out to the visitors and help you to convert them into potential. It comes with a filtering tool by which you can filter down the list depending on company size, industry model, and various factors, so you can get only relevant leads and can avoid unnecessary traffic. Albacross provides contact details of each lead so your sales team can easily identify and reach out to them, with benefits like customized pitches to close sales effectively.

4. Hunter 


Hunter is one of the best and finest tools as far as email search is concerned. You simply need to enter the domain name and here you go, it will find the email addresses. You can find several email addresses which include CEOs of companies, managers, and whatnot. The best part about hunter is, it comes with a confidence rating hense no doubt with authentication, this makes hunter one of the valuable lead generation assets.

5. AeroLeads


AeroLeads comes with a chrome extension that allows you to search varied professional sites such as Linkedin. You just have to add your name and company to your AeroLeads account, this application will find the business email addresses and contact details of the respective leads. It automatically adds these details to the email marketing list, which gives you more ease and work flexibility. You can start your campaigns right away using this list. 

6. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers affirm to have the world’s most thorough business database. D&B Hoover’s database consists of company information which helps in finding more relevant discussions with those potentials. This backs you counting more leads into potential customers. This also aids you to make strategies and communicating with potential in a more relevant way. this tool comes with benefits like triggering real-time alerts, sending leads right away to CRM tools