What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a tool that is used to communicate with potential customers or users. In an email, you are able to convey a compelling story about the benefits and usage of your product. Email Marketing helps you build a connection with real potential customers and turn them into leads and buyers. 

Why is it important?

The importance of email marketing has been growing constantly over the last decade and it has become one of the most popular online marketing strategies in today’s world. You can use email to promote products on your website, send out newsletters, and more. Email Marketing is also an effective way to keep your existing customers updated about new products and promotions. 

If you are already working on Email Marketing Campaigns you must understand how important it is to keep updating your strategies and optimize them according to the market. Let us discuss some ways to multiply your results.

5 ways to optimize your email marketing campaigns

1. Catchy Subject Lines

Effective subject lines can make or break your email marketing campaign. Doing nothing is not an option; the goal is to draw in potential customers and sell them on taking action.

Your open rate totally depends upon your subject line. Make sure you use it wisely. Your subject line should be short, punchy, and relevant to the content of the email. Make sure it captures their attention, and keep it simple so you get more clicks and opens. For example: if you are emailing about an offer or a discount on your products, just get to the point and put that in the subject line. 

2. Make it Creative

Once they open the email you would want to hold their attention. You can not expect recipients to read the whole email if it’s not filled with the right colors and proper template. 

In order for you to send more effective emails, you might want to make sure that you are using a proper template that has organized, non-clustered information laid out clearly in a manner that is eye-catching and appealing.

Using the right colors and fonts will also help you attract more attention so that recipients can become interested in what you have for them by reading some more.

3. Keep It Short

Once you have caught their attention, no matter how attractive the email is if it is lengthy they would not read it. The whole point of marketing email is to open people’s eyes and draw them into your sales funnel. If you can’t get them interested at first, you’ve lost the opportunity to convert that person into a customer down the road.

The word range for ideal emails should be 100-150 words. Even then your body text should not contain detailed information about the company. Introduce yourself, make a connection, tell them why you are writing this email, and keep it short and simple.

4. Attach media

Since the ideal word limit is 100-150 words, you could cut your company’s details into a short video, brochures, etc., and attach them to the email.

It’ll make it easier for the recipient to digest all your information in one go.

5. Tempting CTA

CTA is the key to CTR!

Call to Actions(CTA) are specific buttons you can add to your emails, so as to redirect the recipients to your landing page, your contact us page, or your service page. Using generic CTAs like know more, or learn more would not be as effective. To increase your Click-through Rate(CTR) ensure that you add catchily and tempting CTAs like get a free trial now.


Email Marketing will help you get noticed by potential customers and raise awareness about your company, which in turn will help you get more sales. By implementing the above tips into your email marketing campaign(s), you can boost your open rates, click-through rates, and with the right subject line, more sales.

Email Marketing needs a lot of dedicated time from making templates to analyzing the results of the campaigns. While you focus on running your business we focus on growing it.