Reimagining Email Security

Protecting with People-Centric Email Security in the Cloud Era

In the changing landscape, security and risk management leaders like you must ensure that existing securitysolutions keep pace with fast-changing threats. It’s clear that the defend-the-perimeter model of security hasn’tworked for years and it’s time to make a change and today that means starting protection with peop

Getting Started with DMARC

In this guide, we’ll cover what DMARC is, how it works, its key benefits, and why it should be a key part of your BEC and EAC defenses.

A Guide to Setting Up Your Insider Threat Management Program

The Proofpoint ObserveIT Insider Threat ManagementPlatform offers comprehensive user and data visibility, richanalytics, proactive detection, and rapid response.

The Human Factor 2021

This report covers threats detected,mitigated and resolved during 2020among Proofpoint deploymentsaround the world, one of thelargest, most diverse data setsin cybersecurity.

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