We are leaving in the digital era, from clothing to grocery, traveling to medical facilities, learning to job literally from A to Z everything is being digitalized. As results use of digital platforms is been seen on a larger scale with an increased customer base. You might be thinking that’s all right, but what are the relation in-between customer base and lead generation? To know the relation in-between these two-term you have to understand what lead generation exactly is. The term lead generation may not be new to people who are involved in business or marketing. Probably many of you also heard or read about lead generation, if not then don’t worry I am sure in this blog all your doubts will be resolved.

Before diving deep into the topic let’s understand what is lead?

Because all game of lead generation revolves around these leads. A lead can be anything it may be a person or a company who has interested or has shown interest to buy your product or services. Leads are not customers they are the potentials who haven’t bought anything yet but have shown interest and in the future company will get business from them. So basically lead is responsible to convert interest into business. It gives the basic equation “The more are the leads the more is the business”. Lead is the magnet that attracts sales.

What is lead generation?

Let’s see what exactly lead generation is, basically this is a process of finding potential or creating interest among those potential to buy your products or services to increase sales ratio and gain profit. As we concluded Leads = Business = growth = profit, but this is not as easy as its sounds. Lead conversion rate never be 100% there is no guarantee of 100 people visiting the website will surely buy, some of them may buy your product some may wish-listed some may just be seen. The real struggle starts here, lead generation is all about the convincing potential to accelerate sales. Let’s see how it’s done.

• How does lead generation take place?

Pipeline of Lead Generation
If you remember, the salesperson used to come and tell you about a product. But today the world has changed drastically, it is so easy to get the information of any object at your fingertips. User can easily find out what he wants. This also made it easy for businesses to understand exact customer needs and demands and serve accordingly. Benefiting from this by implementing proper strategy companies can generate leads using techniques like search engine optimization and content management /marketing. Lead generation is one of the crucial aspects as far as business growth and revenue strategies are concerned. Lead generation can be done via both modes online or offline depending upon one need and strategy. Being in the digital platforms online lead generation is been seen more.

• Lead generation strategy

Content Marketing – More than 70% of companies are using content marketing to generate leads in the form of blogs, articles, stories, videos, etc. if you have useful and meaningful content to showcase it will lead toward lead generation.

Social media  Needles to talk about social media influence on businesses as well as on users. Social media is the platform to showcase to the world what your product has to offer. By applying well structure strategy one can engage customers and generate leads.

Search engine optimization – SEM is nothing but to identify and analyze what a user is going to type or search. You have to analyze whenever a user searches for products related to your ground your content they see first. You can achieve this by using the right keywords, and phrases related to the search possibilities.

Email/call – Email marketing is one of the efficacious methods to generate traffic. You can set timings to track campaigns. Whereas calling is one of the conventional modes of lead generation and the drawback with this method is it is time-consuming, and you won’t get follow-up at the same time.

➢ Email lookup tools

➢ Email outreach tools

➢ Marketing and sales automation tools

➢ CRMs

➢ Communication tools

➢ Advertising tools