B2B Appointment Generation Services

We help schedule appointments for you with relevant prospects and key decision-makers. 

Generate More Leads and Appointments

In the ever-changing market, you can collect as many leads as you can but it is very difficult to close them or even get an appointment with them. The main challenge here is not being able to connect with the right decision-makers. 

You need a credible and trustworthy B2B Appointment setting services that generates appointments for you with relevant prospects and key decision-makers within your targeted accounts.

8 Miles Solution makes sure that you gain access to decision makers who are in charge of buying decisions for your target company or industry segment. We do this by ensuring that each appointment is scheduled with individuals who possess influence over their organization’s purchasing process and can influence others within their organization. Our services also ensure that our clients get maximum value out of each call by making sure that every call leads to an opportunity for them.


We do an in-depth research about your challenges, the target audience andtheir pain points.


We, then build a solid relationship with them and instill a sense of curiosity.


We add value through content that can connect with them to gain their trust.


Filter the prospects, intrigue them, schedule an appointment and blog the calendar.

Our Work

The problem for the client was very evident that why the corporations should trust a tool over an employee and how it can give the best value to them because even at most insignificant errors the corporations can lose their good clients.

The major challenge was to sell the idea of modernization and digital transformation to the industries along with gaining their trust for robotic process automation. But with 8 Miles Solution appointment generation services we managed to improve their conversion rate and set plenty of appointments for them.

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