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Learn why experts are switching from Adobe and Google to Amplitude when looking at successful digital analytics?


Linn Tove Vindsnes

Manager Insight Data @

Adam Greco

Product Evangelist @ Amplitude is a Norwegian classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, cars, for sale, travel, and services. For, digital analytics is a means for product teams to make data-driven decisions without having to be “tool experts”. In the past, used Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics but quickly found that these tools became the very friction they were supposed to solve.

In this webinar, Linn Tove Vindsnes from will show how they use Amplitude to quickly create “learning loops” that take them from questions to insights and learning all in one system. Learn how Linn uses Amplitude to build a process around insights to leverage the total value of an analytics tool.

Do you want people actually to use the product, and adopt it? Learn about Linn’s journey from Adobe and GA to Amplitude, and what she learnt along the way about creating a successful analytics culture.