In the process of sales acceleration, lead generation and B2B sales play a vital role but
somewhere in this race of growth whole focus of marketers has been shifted to
marketing services be it social media marketing, or digital marketing in all, but how
many of you actually care about leads? closing sales is not only about promotions. If
your business doesn’t have genuine or potential leads all your marketing strategies are
of no use, isn’t it? you just can’t afford to waste time on unqualified leads who aren’t
truly interested in the services.
Your marketing strategies and targeted platforms will only work if you put all your
master plans on the targeted audience or we can say qualified leads who are genuinely
interested in services offered by you. To generate leads not only do you have to steer a
minefield of astute buyers but also battle hordes of ravenous competitors. Qualified
lead generation is all about what you’re selling, and who you’re selling it to
Lead generation is nothing but how potential customers enter your business-to-business
(B2B) sales funnel, to engage the maximum number of qualified leads into the sales
funnel there are some tactics and tips which you can incorporate in your B2B sales
generation strategy to achieve results.

leads for B2B sales.

Increase Interaction

According to the lead response report, it is important to respond to any new leads within
5 minutes, but around 10% of B2B companies can do so. customers want rapid
responses to their respective requests or query. To do so we can incorporate chatbots
driven by Artificial intelligence these chatbots are so quick and can attain the number
of customers simultaneously. This is the best way to interact with leads. These chatbots
are designed in a way that they can collect information like email IDs, phone numbers,
preferences which later on can be used to send personal invitations. If the query hasn’t
been resolved by chatbots connect the leads to physical support and can take follow up
later this will create trust and healthy relations between leads and business which might
be ended up with sales.

Personalize Emails

Personalized emails are always considered as one of the safest and conventional types
of lead generation which is also referred to as cold emailing. As far as B2B lead
generation is concerned emails are supposed to be an effective tool, about 60%of
marketers appraise emails as a salient channel of generating B2B leads. According to
statistics approx. 75% of or more emails are likely to be checked by recipients. The
emails you send to any particular leads are completely customized and based on their
personal preferences hence there are more chances of getting feedback for the same.
You need to track the conversion rate in your respective software for better analytics.
Email contact can be purchased or you can find them from different platforms like

Build a list of high-quality B2B sales leads

Rather than buying B2B leads list or data you can create your own, the data you have
created will be more authentic and has more potential leads as well. You can collect or
create such data by maintaining records of visitors who have visited your webpage,
you can send direct messages or cold emails with your service offerings as these leads
have shown interest in buying your products or services, they are more likely to convert
into actual sales.

An engagement using Cold Calling

Same as cold emails on can run cold call campaigns. This is one of the personalized
ways to generate potential leads as you get direct responses, unlike emails. You can get
such information from phone directories, customer databases, online sources or you
can purchase the same as well. To run this campaign successfully you can create a
calling script with all the details which guide you to start conversations as well in a
more accurate manner. Update your database with the response and maintain such for
future interactions.

Content Marketing

As per research approx..90% of B2B buying processes start with online research.
content marketing, therefore, is at the core of digital lead generation. Content
marketing hits a number of platforms like articles, blog posts, social media posts, case
studies, reviews, podcasts, and many more. The focal point of content marketing is to
create awareness about a certain product or service or topics relative to your offerings
and to convince potential leads to learn more which then accelerates buying process.
While selecting the content you need to prioritize that based on whom you are writing
for. This can be achieved by posting the content on the website or social media channels
with a call to action within the content