The most effective technique for positioning yourself and connecting with potential consumers is marketing. There are many old and contemporary ways of marketing, but you should choose the ones that will produce the best results. Moment marketing is one of the popular marketing formats that demonstrated such a result.

Moment marketing is one of the most prominent marketing strategies that many brands adopt since it raises brand awareness by connecting with target audiences. With the aid of news, current events, the newest trends, etc., it may quickly reach potential customers at the ideal moment. You will become the next expert in moment marketing by using a few examples from this post.

 Netflix India

One company that has excelled in the moment marketing is Netflix. Whether it’s posting the Sacred Games advertisement on Swiggy or making a funny crossover between Peaky Blinders and the phrase & “Rasode mein kaun tha” which later went viral, Netflix knows how to capitalize on trending topics. These posts by Netflix increased engagement with their material among their audience.

 Zomato

The marketing campaigns for Zomato are yet another excellent illustration of moment marketing. Zomato effectively utilizes the potential of unique events and occasions, placing it well ahead of its rivals in the creation of social media campaigns. The #OrderForMom campaign from Zomato was a hit.

 Amul

Amul, one of the most cherished and dependable brands in the nation, is technically the originator of moment marketing in India. Amul is the only person who truly understands how to handle the most recent news and current affairs. Their topical advertising ingenuity knows no limitations, and they consistently execute it well. A mainstream pop culture phenomenon is The Amul Girl. Amul does a good job of utilizing the sociopolitical context of the events. They then create moment marketing messages based on them.

 Burger King

Ads from Burger King are known to be audacious and unplanned. The “moldy whopper” campaign was one of its standout advertising campaigns. The commercial showed a slowly rotting hamburger. This advertisement aimed to capitalize on the current trend in the market, which was fast food without preservatives. The promotion of McDonald’s, while they were soliciting donations for a cancer research study was another clever marketing strategy executed successfully by Burger King. Customers as well as McDonald’s loved this ad.

 Faasos

The #SacredWraps line by Faasos also attracted a lot of attention. All of their wraps bore the names of characters from the hugely popular web series Sacred Games. 47 million impressions were made in total throughout this campaign, and there were 45,000 interactions on social media.


Moment marketing is an excellent tool if you want to maximize the return on your marketing investments as a brand or marketer with the least time and resource commitment. The process of marketing and creating campaigns with it is incredibly economical.