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Welcome to VONT, the exclusive podcast series by 8 Miles Solution that brings you the most innovative and influential voices in the marketing industry. VONT aims to be your go-to resource for cutting-edge insights, strategies, and trends straight from the marketing trailblazers who are shaping the future of marketing.

What Does V.O.N.T Stand For?





We amplify the voices that matter, giving a platform to the trailblazers in marketing to help them reach their voices to the audiences.

Our podcasts are more than just talks; they are strong opinions that are shaping the marketing industry and bringing in new trends.

We delve into the thoughts behind the strategies, offering you a holistic view of the marketing industry.

Where Views Resonate, Opinions Matter, & Thoughts Ignite Change!

We are a firm believer of one view, one opinion, and one thought at a time.

Why Choose V.0.N.T?

Expert-Led Discussions:

Learn from the pioneers who are redefining marketing paradigms.

Actionable Insights:

Get strategies you can apply today to stay ahead in the game.

Community Building:

Connect with a network of professionals who share your passion for marketing.

In-Depth Analysis:

Each episode provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the marketing sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

VONT features interviews with top voice speakers and pioneers in the marketing industry. We explore trending marketing topics, strategies, and insider tips that offer our listeners a competitive edge in the market to stay ahead of the curve.

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Each episode of VONT ends with actionable takeaways from the pioneers who already are contributing in the dynamics of the marketing sector that you can directly apply to your marketing strategies. These insights are designed to provide immediate value and improve your marketing efforts. You are exposed to the new ideas and the evolution of the day-to-day marketing efforts.

Join our listener community on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify and YouTube to engage in discussions with the similar interest community, share your insights, and get updates on new episodes and our esteemed guest speakers.

Absolutely! Podcasts like VONT offer valuable insights and knowledge on marketing and trends that can enhance your skills and understanding of the industry, contributing to your professional development.