Create in-person, hybrid, virtual events worth remembering

Why EventEngage?​

Make it precisely as you want. At a fraction of the cost, time, and effort.

A platform for organizing events created by, with, and for event planners. Our crew has been in your position and is aware of the pressure you are under to produce customised events with a high level of attendee engagement and brand recall. Our technology, customer service, and pricing have all been developed with a professional event planner’s continuously changing needs in mind.

Our Important Features

  • 1. Translated UI & chat
  • 2. Multi-Language registration
  • 3. Moderation
  • 4. Country-based Event Journey
  • 5. Interactive Booths
  • 6. Localization for 3 Countries
  • 7. Gamification
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Stable, Secure & Scalable

Our platform is engineered from the ground up to be secure, stable & scalable. Security is assured by ISO-certified technology that carries out regular VAPT scanning. Scalability is assured by an auto-scalable architecture that can handle millions of concurrent attendees.

Stable, Secure & Scalable



11 Countries

Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan