Case Study: VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)

1. Compete in this challenging environment with lots of players.
2. Have an extra edge in this market.
3. Get a clear understanding of the competitor's problems and work on improving the same.


VOIP System

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP telephony, internet telephony, or internet calling. It’s an alternative to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). It is a means of making phone calls using an internet connection, rather than making a call using a landline.
VoIP is a communications protocol that converts the speaker’s voices into a series of digital packets. Then, rather than being sent through the standard phone network, those packets are transmitted across the internet.

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VOIP system helps in reducing the cost for companies significantly by sharing the digital packets over the internet. The telecommunication industry is mostly dependent on the VOIP systems for their day to day communications, in addition to cost-effectiveness VOIP system, provides much better control on your calling experience and a wide range
of features to make your business grow effectively.

Voip - Overview
Voip - Challenges

The Challenge

The major challenge was to provide the alternate solution to industry clients where they are already using the VOIP systems, while most companies are facing issues regarding latency and jitter they are reluctant to change because of the current relations with their VOIP providers, and also they were contract bound for time being. These problems required specified time-bound solutions so we started creating the structure and approach as to how to penetrate the market and provide the ultimate solutions which will help in decreasing these problems and thus will give an extra boost on the sales.

The Approach

We started with reaching out to the decision-makers in the industry and got the idea
of where the things are going wrong in their current VOIP systems while being on calls we also started getting the timeline for their replacement for the current VOIP providers and then we started generating the appointments who were ready to change the current systems in the coming times.

The Solution

These are the specific campaigns we designed boost the sales and marketing activities.

1. Contact Discovery: We started creating a database of all the decision-makers in the industry with specifications as required.
2. Newsletter Subscriptions: We started reaching out to contacts and asking them to subscribe so that information regarding new updates and offers can be directly broadcasted along with the latest technology information for their education.
3. One On One Email Marketing: This emailing is more specific and discreet in
providing the ultimate solutions and even sales conversions, we created 7 Email Templates for this specific campaign.
4. SQL(Sales Qualified Leads): Once the name of the product reached the potential the market we started calling to get an idea of their problems and whether they are willing to adapt to the VOIP system and if they are already working with some other
client what are the challenges they are facing with current providers.
5. BANT(Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline): We started calling the relevant connections after SQL to get even more understanding of their Budget, Authority,
Needs and Timeline.
6. Appointment Generation: In the final stage once we got the idea of all relevant details we started generating the appointments on behalf of the client and sharing the calendar invites while making sure by follow-ups that the prospect attends the call and demo.

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