Work from home is one of the most trending terms in the last two years. We all have to admit that workplaces have changed, as they used to be till 2019, large square feet of offices have been turned into residential apartments, the workstation has been replaced by sofas and lounges, and the reason, I don’t think I need to tell you guys. Have you ever thought of this cosmic change in working styles and workplaces? I am sure no one has ever imagined this scenario we are currently living in. COVID-19 has changed the world upside down. It has changed the way people used to live and work. When COVID-19 compelled companies all over the globe to send their employees and workers home to work remotely, the concept of working from home came on the front foot. Even I got to know about this term when the pandemic started. Remote working or hybrid working is appreciated by the employees as it gives flexibility and mobility with several benefits the effectiveness of the work from home keeps rising. Yet as each coin has two sides this aspect has also, for many people work from was helpful and worked as a boon but for many, it was hell stressful. So, what are its benefits and what are the flaws it has we will be going to see right now

Why was Work found helpful? 

Remote working

Improved Work-Life Balance

Working from home gives you time flexibility you can choose your time slot as per convenience, which means employees can sign in and off as they want. employees have the control to decide the time frame as a result they can find a better work-life balance. They can easily merge day-to-day activities with work-life, like dropping children to school, taking care of fitness, and attending the gym, all such tasks are easily manageable while working from home. As employees can maintain a perfect balance between work-life they will contribute more as far as productivity is concerned.

Customized Workplaces.

Those who don’t like those office tables and desks, that woody browny pieces of furniture, those corners, work from home are only for you guys. When you are working from home, then you’re working place doesn’t have to be neat, clean and perfectly cubic as shown in offices. At home, you are the boss of your workplace, you can design it as you want. Working in a workplace that is completely designed as per one’s likings and preferences, is fully customized gives a good vibe to work which ultimately reflects in the work done.


Needless to talk about hours we spend just to reach out at the job location and from job location to home. On average 3-4 hrs. per day is spent just on traveling I haven’t added the traffic. So, what if these hrs. can be saved and you can utilize those hrs. to do your work. One can spend these hrs. on exercising, on hobbies also this extra time can be utilized to meet up dead-lines which tends towards increased productivity.

Opportunities for rural talents

One of the best things I like about working from home is, that it opens opportunities for those students who find it difficult to come to urban cities. The working radius has been expanded because of work from home. Anyone can do work and showcase their talent despite the facts where he/she lives. This is also good for those women who can’t step outside because of some reason.

Increased productivity

As work from home provides work flexibility, one can get improved work-life it is obvious that employees can contribute wholeheartedly, this can lead to increased productivity. Employees are open to taking breaks so they can refresh themselves and get back with more energy. By allowing employees to set their schedules, productivity is seen to be gearing up.

Increased productivity

Lack of Concentration

Many of you, who have done or doing work from home have faced this difficulty which is a lack of concentration. Being at home there are several things which can distract you like, screaming hawkers, most of all are the family rush, unexpected guests which you have to attain if you are home, neighbors, children playing in society parks, and whatnot. This is a major disadvantage faced by every employee working from home.

Unavailability of required resources.

Working from means you have limited access to resources. While working from the office you can access any document or any tool easily, there are co-workers as well who help you if you find anything difficult. But while working from home all you have to do is by yourself. If you are stuck somewhere then you have to wait for someone’s response this time is time-consuming as well.

More attention toward family

Working from home means you are surrounded by your family. No matter how much you say no, attention goes out. Children used to play around you. You have to attain all the members, and if unexpected guests were there then what to say. Unwillingly you have to look at your family.

Difficulty following routine.

You are bound by working hours while working from the office but opposite to this while working from home there is neither restriction nor boundaries. Somewhere you do waste more time while working from home, there is no certain order one follows when working from home.

Connectivity issues

The most common issue faced by every work from home employee. If you don’t have reliable wifi or broadband connection then it found hectic. You can even send files, you cant do meetings properly which ultimately affects the quality as well as quantity of the work, and quality and quantity are associated with productivity, hence one can suffer productivity as well.