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Introduction, a global leader in conversational AI, wanted a partner who can execute a powerful BANT campaign and has a strong hold across two key markets – Indo-Philippines and the USA.

The marketing initiative, executed by 8 Miles Solution, employed a strategic approach implementing multi-touch campaigns to successfully captivate prospective clients, ultimately attaining the audacious objective of generating a substantial volume of 1000 leads.

Solution faced a challenge in getting hold of the two strong markets and wanted to set a strategic objective to procure a substantial quantity of 1000 leads, strategically distributed across two distinct regions– Indo-Philippines and USA,each characterized by unique geographical and cultural attributes. In order to achieve optimal results, the campaign necessitated a fine-tuned strategy that would effectively resonate with the target markets. 

The Strategy

8 Miles Solution strategically implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy by adopting a dual-pronged approach. Firstly, we executed a MultiTouch campaign using the BAN framework in the Indo-Philippines region, targeting a wide range of potential customers.

Secondly, we employed an AccountBased Marketing (ABM) campaign implementing the BANT framework, exclusively focusing on the USA market. This precise approach allowed us to effectively engage with their target audience and maximize their marketing efforts.

Indo-Philippines Email Marketing Through BANT:

Within the Indo-Philippine market, a strategically devised BANT campaign was effectively executed, employing a Multi-Touch methodology encompassing a series of 4-5 email touchpoints and phone conversations for the intent database. This approach aimed to effectively captivate prospective leads by means of a precisely crafted sequence of personalized email marketing and telecommunication in order to precisely and accurately segment the audience. Its primary objective was to generate interest and incite a prompt response.

USA- ABM Through BANT:

In the USA, 8 Miles Solution deployed an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign leveraging the BANT model. This campaign focused on targeted high-value accounts using a Multi-Touch approach to facilitate deeper and specified engagement on the basis of the budget of the account, the authority of the decision-maker, the need of the account, and the timeframe to know the priority of the accounts. Thisstrategic approach was carried out through telecommunication to effectively understand the specificity of the intended targeted accounts and made sure that the data provided is clean.

The Results

The strategic approach employed by 8 Miles Solution yielded remarkable results, as illustrated by the accomplishment of a significant milestone of 1000 leads as required by across multiple regions:


The BANT Multi Touch campaign, implemented in the Indo Philippines region, demonstrated a commendable level of efficacy, resulting in a substantial conversion rate of 35%. The resounding success of the campaign serves as a compelling testament to the efficacy of the multi-faceted touchpoints approach in effectively captivating and converting potential prospects.


The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) using the BANT campaign in the United States demonstrated exceptional efficacy, achieving a remarkable 40% conversion rate. The obtained outcome serves as a validation of the targeted Account-Based Marketing strategy when implemented in conjunction with the BANT model, thereby demonstrating its effectiveness within the US market.


The achievement of 8 Miles Solution in effectively acquiring 1000 leads for through a strategically designed BANT campaign showcases the efficacy of implementing focused, multi-faceted marketing initiatives. The company’s adeptness in skillfully aligning its strategic initiatives with the unique demands of both the Indo-Philippines and the USA.

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